Featured Cart-Dalia’s Taqueria

Team Dalia!

In early March I received a call from a family friend inquiring about us putting together a place for food carts.  I shared with them my vision, but wasn’t sure how quickly I’d be able to put it together. They wanted to put me in touch with Dalia’s Taqueria and suggested I go try their food on Silverton Road sometime.

On a wet, stormy Sunday morning I went to Dalia’s.  I ordered several different street tacos and brought them home to family and friends in South Salem.  Everyone loved the tacos, homemade salsa and the generous portion of meat on each taco.  I followed up with the relative of Dalia’s and explained they would be a cart I’d consider when I had my plans in place for the food pod. I continued to receive inquiries from the relative and then from Alex (One of Dalia’s owners) as to when they could move onto the property.  They were excited for what we were putting together and they wanted on as soon as possible.  So, on April 15th, while we were in the early stages of creating and constructing the Beehive Station, Dalia’s moved in.  That was an exciting day for all of us and we worked together to create a little organic start-up with one picnic table, umbrella, hand washing station and porta-potty.

Dalia’s was an immediate hit amongst our local community. On Silverton Road, Dalia’s was only open on the weekends when the entire family could help with the business.  The plan was Dalia would run the cart on her own and the family would help after work and school.  That lasted about 1-day and Alex left his full-time job to devote 100% to the food cart.  Ernesto and Stephanie  were coming straight to the cart from work and school to help out as well.  They were opening at 11am and closing at 11pm most nights.  They were and still are showing up by 7am to prepare the food-making everything fresh from scratch and sometimes don’t leave until 2:30am.

On Mondays when they are closed, you will find them at the cart cleaning and prepping for the following week.  This family has a work ethic like no other.  They are devoted to serving the best, freshest and affordable food possible.  On July 11th, the handle broke off of a 6-gallon pot that was boiling tomatillos when Dalia transferred it from the stove to the counter.  Dalia was rushed to the hospital with 2nd degree burns on her ankles and feet.  Dalia returned to the cart within a few days-helping for short periods of time.  She does not want to disappoint her customers and insists she must make the items her customers love.  The menu has been adjusted slightly during Dalia’s recovery period and in a few weeks Dalia will undergo skin grafting to aide in the healing process of her ankles and feet.  This family continues to serve with a smile and work diligently to prepare amazing food for us all.

They are looking forward to an upcoming vacation in December, something they have never been able to do before. (Although, Dalia worries customers will be upset if they close for that time.)  Each time you eat at Dalia’s you are supporting a local, hard working family! They are open Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 8pm or until they run out of food.  Thank you Dalia and family for being one of the pioneers at Beehive Station! #eatlocal #daliastaqueria #beehivestationfoodcaarts

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