Beehive Station’s Dalias Taqueria made the Statesman Journal

Look who made the Statesman Journal! Our pioneer cart, that opened and brought our first customers to the pod on April 15th, Dalias Taqueria! They are the hardest working team  that offers delicious, authentic, Mexican Food at Beehive Station.

Dalia Soto of Dalia’s Taqueria makes her tortillas by hand, which she serves with carnitas and adobada for tacos.

Statesman Journal’s write up:

Dalia’s Taqueria

Dalia’s Taqueria, a taco truck on Commercial Street run by the Soto family, has only been in South Salem for two months; the white truck opened on Silverton in November. In that time, Dalia’s Taqueria has gone from operating on weekends to serving tacos daily.

Alex Soto greets customers while his mother, Dalia, crafts tacos with handmade tortillas during the lunch rush. Her proteins, which include the favorites like adobada and carnitas, come in achingly-large burritos and street tacos, which she starts prepping at 6 a.m. every morning. Soto isn’t unfamiliar with long days — she started cooking for others early.

“She used to work in canneries, and while I was growing up, I remembered her food was really good,” Alex Soto said. “She used to make lunches for her friends, as well.”

Dalia’s carnitas are flaky and tender — maybe the most tender of any I tried. She slow roasts them and quickly slaps them on the griddle, which keeps them crispy but not dry. Her adobada tacos are cooked perfectly, juicy in each bite but crunchy at the edges. But really, Dalia’s strength is in her salsas — bold, complex, with a smoky finish that lingers after all the tacos are gone.




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