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Sunday – Thursday 11:00a – 7:00p
Friday – Saturday 11:00a – 7:30p
*Individual cart hours vary


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Our BeeHive Food Carts!

Supporting Our Local Community

BEE 100% sure, that we only hire local vendors for our hive!

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Events at the hive!

  • Weekly Schedule

    Here is a current schedule for carts. We will post a new schedule for the next week!
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  • Sam & The Salamanders

    Whoop Whoop...So excited to have this local Salem band back at Beehive. Last time they played longer and rocked the night away. You won't want to miss this next performance. These guys are playing for a minimal fee, so show them some love!
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  • Mitch Lies - Back at the Beehive

      Mitch Lies will be playing at Beehive Station On September 10th (shhh it's his ACTUAL birthday that day)! Mitch is an acoustic guitarist, vocalist,  and songwriter. Lies will play a variety of genres, including blues, country, folk, rock, and more.
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  • Customer Appreciation Weekend

    We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our amazing customers. The local community has supported us from Day #1. Come enjoy some great music by Derek Kidd on Friday night, along with a cold drink (specials at Beehive Taphouse) and food from our vendors. Music is Friday night from 5:30-7:30pm
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  • Lola & Neil Duo this Saturday

    Music Saturday Lola & Neil Duo will be playing Saturday from 5-7:30.
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  • Beatles Unplugged

    John Lennon's birthday Bash Come celebrate the legendary John Lennon with "Beatles Unplugged." Playing tonight from 5:30-7:30 Great food, drinks and plenty of room for social distancing!
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  • Mitch Lies - Blues, Country, Folk, & Rock

    Mitch Lies will be playing at Beehive Station On July 10th, August 14th, and September 11th. Mitch is an acoustic guitarist, vocalist,  and songwriter. Lies will play a variety of genres, including blues, country, folk, rock, and more.
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  • Dan & Dani Return to Beehive!

    Music This Thursday! Come enjoy music by Dan & Dani this Thursday. We're excited to have them back on stage.
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  • Derek Kidd returns to Beehive

    Derek Kidd Derek Kidd will be playing at Beehive Station on Saturday, July 18th and then again on Sunday, August 16th. Derek is a local favorite and we're happy to have him return to our outdoor location.
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  • Friday Night Music!

    Local artists Karen and Daniel will be playing on stage from 5:30-7:30! Come enjoy the food and drinks from one of our 12 carts while you kick back to some great entertainment!
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  • Music at Beehive

    Gabriel Cox and Jarred Venti Rock the Beehive We will have a local artist, Gabriel Cox with Jarred Venti on Saturday, June 30th from 6pm-8pm. Enjoy food, drinks and dessert while listening to some great music.
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  • Grand Opening, Saturday August 12th!

    Grand Opening The carts are lined up and new ones are arriving by August 15th!! We will be having a special day to show off the carts at Beehive Station and to thank all of you that have supported this new food pod in South Salem. Each cart will offer a free or discounted item with purchase or a specially priced sample plate. A music line up is in the works. Beehive Station will bee selling Hats and T-shirts. Free educational "bee" coloring books, "bee" friendly wild flower packets, honey sticks and other "bee" give aways will be passed out while supplies last. Join us: Saturday, August 12th from 11:30am - 5pm at Beehive Station Food Pod, 5669 Commercial St S, Salem, OR **Additional parking available at Safeway across the street**
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  • Join us welcoming two new carts!

    12:00pm We have already had three wonderful days of fresh Oregon strawberries. You can't beat a juicy local Oregon berry.  Loco Bear Fruit and Vegetables is bringing us the fresh berries from Nanneman Farms.  Bobablastic will bee opening this weekend.  We are so excited to have them join our hive in Salem.
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  • New Year Holidays

    On New Years' Eve, all Food Pod closes will at 7 pm
    On New Year's Day, Limited carts will open
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  • Daily Schedule of Carts

    Monday: Beehive Taphouse, Lottie' Pad Thai, Redline Birrieria, Bobablastic, Bustami's, The Easy Otter & Osaka Hibachi Tuesday: Beehive Taphouse, Dalia's, Little India, Bobablastic & Osaka Hibachi Wednesday: Beehive Taphouse, Lottie's Pad Thai, Dalia's, The Easy Otter, Redline Birrieria, Jojo's 2 BBQ, Gyropoulos, Little India, Bobablastic, Taste of Jamaica, Bustami's, Burger & Chive &                          The Dawg House Thursday - Saturday: Beehive Taphouse, Lottie's Pad Thai, Dalia's, The Easy Otter, Little India, Redline Birrieria,         Jojo's 2 BBQ, Gyropoulos, Bobablastic, Taste of Jamaica, Bustami's, Burger & Chive, Osaka Hibachi & The Dawg House Sunday: Beehive Taphouse, Lottie's Pad Thai, Dalia's, The Easy Otter, Little India, Redline Birrieria,         Jojo's 2 BBQ, Gyropoulos, Burger & Chive, Bobablastic, Taste of Jamaica, Bustami's & Osaka Hibachi  


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  • Christmas Holidays

    Christmas Eve-Limited all carts open. All Food Pod closes at 4 pm
    All Food pods are close on Christmas Day
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Why Us?

Just as honeybees work together in a hive to produce a food source, Beehive Station is the happening place in South Salem for your food pod cravings.  We have amazing cooks, bakers, baristas, beer, cider and wine makers at the “Hive” who collectively come together to produce a cornerstone that satisfy your taste for street food cuisine.  

Living our entire life in South Salem, our family has continued to watch this area develop, grow, and expand.  What we haven’t seen is the expansion of neighborhood food options.  Beehive Station wants to provide a fun, energetic, and sustainable gathering place with a collective food source for our neighborhood community. Our “WHY” is that we believe in community and that we are stronger when we pull each other together to support one another.

So join us at the Beehive Station for a family and dog friendly hangout.  It’s a great place to come as you are for lunch or dinner, chill out and visit with friends, or pick up your tailgate catering needs before the big game! 

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