Better Than Momma’s

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Launched in: 2012
Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
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About Us:
It started as a hobby, making salsas, dips & chips for family and friends. We enjoyed playing with various ingredients, flavors, and cooking styles. After each party or family get together, we were encouraged to package up our recipes to share with the masses at the local farmer’s market.
In 2012 we did just that. Armed with our five flavors and corn tortilla chips we made our way to the Salem Sarurday Market. We were met with such an incredible response and demand for our products that we expanded. We currently offer twelve products ranging from wasabi salsa verde to edamame hummus and even sweet dips like our salted caramel toffee dip.
It doesn’t stop there. After three successful years vending at the market were ready for our next culinary adventure. We opened up our own brick and mortar location at the Broadway Commons in Salem, Oregon in November of 2014. Three years later (November of 2017), we opened our very own food cart at the Beehive Food Carts in South Salem.
Today, we are so excited to see how all of this came together. Our different locations give us the opportunity to showcase our delicious salsas, dips & chips while introducing customers to gourmet home cooking. You know home cooking is good, but Better Than Mama’s may have you thinking otherwise. After each bite we want you saying, Wow! This IS better than Mama’s! Or contact us at Phone (503) 302-0063 Email Website: